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I like to call myself a life and branding stylist. 


I work with women one on one to give their lives and businesses a hotter, richer, happier, très stylish and slightly bitchy edge.


I work women just like you to fully style their lives from top to bottom. Everything from your daily schedules, to your logo fonts, your website, even your mindset so you are set up to build a brand and life that you love.


I’m running the Hot Rich Love Your Life Bitch empire LIVE from beautiful Vancouver, BC, where I live with my gorgeous husband and dog.


But why did I create this particular business?


Well, it’s because I am what you might call an obsessive person.

I happened to become obsessed with discovering how to live the hottest, richest, happiest (and yes, bitchiest) life that I possibly could.


And why would I get obsessed with such a thing? It’s because a few years ago, I looked around at my life, and it was far from how I thought it would turn out when I was a little girl.




+ Clocking in and out of a job that I never belonged in, for a paycheck that was just enough, with the stress seriously doing me in.

+ Going to parties (and their afterparties) until I was numb to myself (only to wake up hating myself even more).

+ Alternating between extreme dieting/starving/binge-eating and having a truly messed up relationship with my body.

+ Complaining about my life like it was my job.

+ Being selfish, feeling empty inside and filling the void by racking up major credit card debt (think $20,000+) with nothing to show for it.

+ Hanging on to toxic relationships that I never felt good about…although the most deadly relationship was the one I had with myself.

It’s been a windy  and fun road over the last 10 years as I relentlessly pursued bettering myself (a pursuit I have come to love and understand as my purpose). What I’ve REALLY always dreamed for myself was a career that I LOVE.


When I was 18 years old, a fabulous friend said the following to me while I sat complaining about my life:




Seriously SHUT UP, you're hot, you're rich, love your life bitch!

A lightbulb went off in my head and I knew it was that quote that encompassed everything I wanted for my life.

So, on the journey of creating this hot, rich, love your life bitch lifestyle, I realized that I wouldn’t have a lifestyle I truly love until I had a career that I loved as well.


Nearly two years ago I hit my breaking point at my job and I broke up with my corporate job (aka quit without a plan).


I dabbled in freelance marketing for a bit, then decided to get serious my passions. I had a business idea I had been sitting on for seven years, and it was TIME. I decided to stop DIY hacking my way to success, I hired a coach, I built a brand and birthed my beautiful coaching business: Hot Rich Love Your Life Bitch.


Mission accomplished! But let me tell you…it was NO small feat.




I obsessively studied other successful people, immersed myself in anything law of attraction related,  positive psychology, religion, etc.


I figured out the practical, everyday steps that actually make a difference. And I know if I can do it…literally anyone can.


Now I want to show other women how to get from where they are to where they want to be.  I went through those hard times to fulfill that mission. That is my purpose in this life!


Who is the woman I am now? So far I’ve been able to…

  • Finally find my passion, and what I am meant to DO with my life.
  • Launch a business and brand that is totally ME.
  • Travel the world to places I used just SEE on Pinterest/Instagram.
  • Move into my dream home overlooking the water (I dreamed about this exact spot for 10 years).
  • Get paid to do something I love with clients that I love even more.
  • Attract a man completely different from anyone before, fall in love and get married in Paris.
  • Have the healthiest body of my life while enjoying all the food that I want.
  • Cultivated an amazing group of friendships that fulfill and lift me up.
  • Attract an amazing network of like-minded female entrepreneurs (my new “colleagues”).
  • Pay off all that debt, and consistently manifest the money I need for all my desires. And doll, I have ALOT of desires.



I’m a regular girl, from a middle-class family that grew up in a prairie town in Canada. No one coddled or helped me to where I am. I wanted my life to be different, and chose to make it so.


I dreamed it up and decided it was possible, and became obsessed with making it happen.


I am living proof that no matter where you came from...No matter how many mistakes you’ve made…No matter what anyone else has said…


You have a right to live an absolutely, outstanding,

hot rich love your life bitch lifestyle.