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How To Manifest Your First Five Figure Month

manifesting five figures

Today, I wanted to talk about how to manifest your very first five figure month.


A five figure month felt like an amazing milestone for me to hit. It was exhilarating.

If this is something you’ve wanted and dreamt of, I want you to experience it for yourself.


However, before I was able to do it, I would have LOVED a guide. Because I had no idea what to do, what would work, and if I was actually UP to it.


So I thought that I would break it all down for you.


Whether you want to manifest five figures or make five figures a month to prove once and for all that you’re the badass bitch you know you are deep down inside…


Or you just want to serve people out in the world on an even deeper level or know that you are really, truly providing value,


OR a mix of both of those things! I’m going to show you exactly how I did it and how that you can do it too.



#1: Have a butterflies-in-your-stomach passionate purpose for the money.


When you give money somewhere to go, it flows towards that thing.


You want to have a deeper reason than just the ego’s desire to have that number, but what difference would that really make in your life? What would you say? What would you do with your time? How would things change? Figure out what the purpose is for this money and actually make some plans for it. How will you use it?


I definitely had a purpose for the money at the time. I had invested a lot into my business right at the front, and I really wanted to pay that off, and I was really excited to do that. I definitely had a purpose for every single cent of that five figures that I wanted to manifest.


#2 Next, plan a really exciting way for you to bring in that money.


Although I’m totally open and available to money falling from the sky (and sometimes it does), it can be really powerful to make a solid plan to actually bring in and manifest that money (and then SLAY it).


It’s  probably doing something that you’re really passionate about, that you are good at, and that would be fun for you to do. For me, at the time, I was just getting my life coaching business, my business coaching business off the ground, and I knew what a difference it made, and I was really excited to get out into the world.


Then, in terms of plan, just actually plan it out. What are the options for you to actually bring in five figures of income? Whether you created something that you just had to sell one person a $10,000 package or two people $5,000 packages or products, or we can keep doing math, four people at $2,500, 100 people at $100, 50 people at $200, figure out what that is so that you can actually make a plan.


#3: Get crazy in love with the vision.


Every single day while I was doing this, I knew that I had to focus on what the outcome was. Again, back to that purpose, I would really like imagine every single morning all of the things that would happen when I brought in that $10,000 and how it would feel.


I really committed to this vision and committed so much that I just felt like there was no way it wasn’t going to happen. I just had this relentless expectancy that it would happen. I imagined the right people finding me at the right time, being super excited to work with me, and not just them being excited to work with me. I imagined me being excited to work with them.


Each time I spoke with a potential client that would,  I would see them in my mind, feeling so amazing afterwards.  I would imagine them overcoming something or transforming something and growing on the call.


I was invested in their change, and it felt really exciting for me to be a part of that with them. I was passionate about it, I was committed to the vision, and I replayed it over and over.


#4: Listen for guidance.


I used to be the one to say “meditation is so hard”.


I got over that. Most successful people I read about meditated, and if I wanted to be successful I had to give it a go. Also, there was something “telling me” I needed to do it.


How I started doing it was I used it as “listening time.” I would sit for five minutes, quiet my mind, and let any little nuggets of wisdom come into my mind.


One day, when I had already committed to making my first five figure month, and I suddenly got the idea to make this video series about how to brand yourself online. I just had this little blip, and it came in, and I just tore off like a mad hatter. I just hustled for the next week and got everything together to make this video series online. It is promoting that video series that actually allowed me to bring in 10 clients at the time. I was charging about $1,000 a client. That is what helps me to make my first five figure month.


This really leads me to the next thing.


#5: If you want to manifest five figure months, you’re going to have to do some things that you haven’t done before.


You’re going to have to do that you know deep down inside you need to do but feel quite uncomfortable.


For me, it wasn’t natural to get onto “sales calls” with clients and talk. I had to learn how to do that. I also was really uncomfortable being “salesy” and selling out “emails where I was selling.” But I did it anyways because I knew deep down inside I needed to do that.


I wrote over 3 emails a week, and I thought, “How can I make this feel good to me?” I packed these newsletters with value. I sold at the end. I did it consistently. Sometimes, it took me hours to write down, but I kept doing it, and I kept getting better and faster at me, and voila.


I kept doing that for a month, and I brought in 10 clients at around $1000-$1200 each, and I really didn’t give up until it happened.


That’s the last thing. I think you really have to have faith and expectancy. You have to trust and know deep down in your gut that this is meant for you.


It’s ok if this takes practice. It might be that five figures is just too much for you to commit in this moment,  it may feel too scary. It’s SO ok to come down a little bit and try for a smaller target that you feel more excited, and less scared to hit. You can always hit five figures next time.


Be easy on yourself, have fun, have a purpose for the money, figure out a plan to actually make it, get crazy in love with the vision so that you just don’t question it and the love outweighs the fear, and then take action.


Take hot rich action to get a hot rich result.


I hope that you have enjoyed this week’s blog. It was just literally how I did it. Making five figures is totally within reach for you or anyone else.


If you want to hear a bit more about how I actually started an online business, I’ve got a free mini ebook below that details how I created my Hot. Rich. online business, so you can read all about that. This is how I created my first five figure a month in that business, and now you know that.


I hope that you’re inspired to make this happen for you because it’s totally available for you too.


I’m wishing you love and light and bite-sized bitchiness.


sofie von marricks