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How to Manifest Money in a Panic

freaking out


Today we’re talking about what to do when you are trying to manifest money…

and you’re also panicking at the same time.


A lot of times when talking to people, clients, girlfriends, whatever, and they’re trying to manifest something. It might be money, a job, or a client, sometimes it’s a man, but today we’re going to stick to the money conversation.


Let’s say you’ve been doing all the manifesting things.



+ meditating naked under the moonlight

+ chanting and throwing your affirmations into a burning cauldron

+ writing your goals down everywhere, journals, diaries, mirrors, subway walls, whatever…


and it is just not coming and you are starting to have a freaking panic attack.


And I totally get the panic attack.


Maybe you’re running out of time, money, self-belief or faith.



Instead of getting obsessed with manifesting what you want, you need to come to the realization that the universe is obsessed with you.


Also, there are times when you think you need something and it is not always what you need, and the money NOT coming may be the universe’s way of supporting in that.


But you have to have faith that the Universe has got your back” as Gabby Bernstein would say.


Sometimes we are a dog, and we are trying to manifest chocolate.


We’re hungry, we want the chocolate. It’s going to be delicious and tasty. Meanwhile, we don’t understand that the chocolate is actually going to kill us.


Sometimes you need to just trust that things are not happening because you still need to uncover something, or you need to go deeper, or you need to just take your focus away from the lack of having that thing.


I’ll give you an exact example that is more money based.


Let’s say you got some bills to pay and you are wanting to manifest some clients, some business, some cash, whatever.


Things are coming up, money is running out, and you’re a bit stressed. You’re getting really close to making money, and you’re getting so scared and desperate that the money won’t come through.


You’re kind of spinning around in circles and feeling all around…kind of shitty.


Here’s the thing: You don’t attract what you want (more money), you attract more of what you are…


If you feel rich inside, you will attract riches. You can’t attract more money to come to you from a place of needing money, not having money, feeling shitty.


So you’re like how do I do that because I need the money, so how am I going to switch that.


You need to realign with how you want to feel when you make that money.


It is all about the feelings, so think about how you would feel when you get that money coming in.


You might feel powerful.

You would feel supported, like you can support yourself.

You would feel free with choice. You wouldn’t feel this pressure to get every client that comes through.

You wouldn’t feel as pressured to grasp onto them and not them go.


Cool thing is that you can recreate a feeling even without the money being present. Why would you want to do that? Well, because that is how the law of attraction works.


Again, I will repeat.


You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.


So when you align with those feelings, recreate them and experience them, that opens up a channel for the money, the clients, the good vibes to attract themselves to you.


You grow and expand those free, powerful, rich feelings. So how do you do that?


Identify each of those feelings one by one.


You could recreate power by going for a workout. Go pump the iron, make your body sweat. It makes me always feel so powerful, and I feel amazing afterward.


You can recreate support by asking for support from a friend, from a mentor, from a colleague. You can also recreate that supportive feeling by being and giving support to someone else, or you can decide to support yourself by taking better care of yourself. Something around that nature.


Again, it doesn’t require money.


You can also recreate that freedom. Maybe you need like two hours just laying in the sun and chilling out and stop thinking about all this stuff.


Maybe you need to have, go laugh with some girlfriends. Give yourself that gift of freedom.


Not only do these activities get you out of your head and kind of interrupt you from focusing on what isn’t in your life, you recreate those feelings you feel so much better and you become a magnet for those feelings and for more experiences and other things that will give you more of those feelings.


[HEADER] Once you feel a bit better, that’s when you start receiving insights from the universe.


Maybe you get an insight to call a certain person. Maybe you get an insight to create a certain package or offer or to pitch a certain job to a certain person. You get these little glimpses of universal intelligence, so follow those glimpses.


That is what manifesting is all about.


Write them down, take action on them. That is how you manifest money when you are panicking, and that is also how you stop a panic.


If you want to learn how to manifest some more money and be in control of the money that you manifest, I totally recommend starting an online business. I love creating online businesses. I love helping people create online businesses, and I actually have a free guide below, a free mini e-book on how I created my own Hot Rich online business. So check that out.


I’m wishing you love and light, and bite-sized bitchiness, and an amazing INSIGHT that gives you a way out of the money manifesting panic.


sofie von marricks