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How to Change Your Money Story

money story


We all tell stories about our money.


Over the course of our lives, every single one of us has weaved a little money web.


A story about how we are with money and what we believe about ourselves and money.


You might find yourself saying things like, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“Oh, she’s just with him for his money.”

“Oh, my gosh. There’s no way she could afford that on her own.”

“Money’s not important. All I care about is experiences.”


All those things are all well and good (or not)…but they also affect how you make money.


So I would love to challenge you today to take five minutes and just write down, what are all the things that you believe and find yourself saying about money?


Do you find yourself saying things like, “I can’t afford that,” or “I’m bad with money,” or I don’t know anything about money?”

What you do to rewrite your money story is literally rewrite it from that point.



It’s simply just taking the time to rewrite this story that can just be so insightful and so powerful.


Something that I do every morning to get me in a really good place with my money is I do what I call an “I am Rampage”.


I break out my journal, set a time for five minutes, and go on an “I am” rampage, and I write all these “I am” statements about what I do with money.


When I was working at my corporate job, I started writing these things:

I am doing something that I love. I’m getting paid to do something that I love.

I am paying off all of my debt. I pay off my credit card every month.

I do work that I love. I work with people who are excited to work with me.”


And I just started going on this rampage every single morning and practicing being in that place.


In the same way, if you surround yourself with people who are telling you that you are stupid or ugly or don’t know anything, then eventually, if you hear that enough times, you’ll start to believe it.


Sad but true.


And in the same way, if you keep telling yourself these positive things about how you are with money and what your story with money is, you tend to believe it.


And when you start believing it, you start doing things differently. You start to believe that it’s possible for you to make money doing this thing that you love. You start to believe that it’s possible for you to create something and sell it. You start to believe it’s possible to make money in ways that you enjoy.


And suddenly, the whole world opens to you.


For years, I told myself that I wasn’t good with money. I didn’t know anything about money, that I thought money was just for people who are poor and rich or whatever.


It totally was limiting me and holding me back. And when I finally began to embrace a new way of rewriting my money story and claiming it as my own, it absolutely changed my reality.


I became more confident.

I started to believe in myself more.

I ended up quitting my job.

I believed in myself enough to start a business, even though for seven years, I was terrified to do so and didn’t think it was possible for me.

I ended up scaling my income, getting an amazing slew of clients.

I host retreats all over the world now.

I am writing a book.

I have a group program.


So many great things have happened as a result of rewriting my money stories, and that’s just the beginning.


So I really hope that you take some time to figure out, what is the story that you’re telling yourself now, and what is the story that you want to tell?


I have a great, free, guided visualization below on how to live your hottest, richest life. It will get you in touch with the woman who is having the kind of money story that you want to have, that is confident and powerful with her money. So get in touch with her, and download that resource below.


I’m wishing you love and light and bite sized bitchiness.


sofie von marricks