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How to Be More Productive and Motivated

being productive


Today, we’re talking about how to get more done and stay motivated all day…


You can actually use these tips to actually get a perkier butt too. At least that’s how I discovered them.


A little backstory…I’ve been going to these barre classes to work out for a few years, and it’s  completely transformed my body.


At the start it was hard, and I found it really difficult to stay in the moves, or I would always be taking breaks and giving up during class.


Actually, unless someone’s watching over me, I’ll almost do something all the way, then give myself a way out, or procrastinate.


I know there’s many of us that perform a little bit better with someone screaming at us to go harder.


After about two and a half years of doing barre method, I notice that during the final 20 countdown, I seem to be able to muster up all of this extra energy, commitment, and focus.


I really end up giving it my ALL for that last 20 counts.


Since embracing this and almost kind of pretending that anything and everything is in the “ last 20 counts”, and I can always get 20 more.


I’ve really been able to push myself in the last year, and I’ve ended up getting this super rock hard, perky butt.


I am so excited because three years ago was when I started to work out for pretty much the first time in my life consistently because my butt was not looking so perky. And now, it has absolutely changed, and I could not be happier and more proud of myself…


I’ve put in the work, and it’s really because of that principle, just I can do anything for 20 more counts.


And guess what?


How you do one thing is how you do everything.


I have taken this principle into my business, and it has totally transformed my productivity and motivation every single day.



A bit of a background secret about me is that I am a bit of a classic perfectionist procrastinator…


Meaning that I tend to leave things until the very last second, until I have to hustle, and I totally overexert myself and pull an all-nighter to get it done.


However, that’s the old me.  I’ve been training my brain to get used to getting things done way in advance.


Because of that, I noticed my brain was still wanting this extra pressure, so I found a really great way to stay motivated and be more productive, and that’s seriously just by time-blocking.


Whether it’s writing the scripts for these videos, or it’s creating a new product, or brainstorming, or meditating, or even having a lunch break, I simply pull out my phone and say, “Hey Siri, can you set a timer for 20 minutes please.”


Siri: Okay. 20 minutes and counting.


Perfect. And then I have 20 minutes to just totally put my focus in. Just like my workout,  I can do anything for 20-minute chunks at a time. And then, I totally take a short break.


It’s all about GAMIFYING productivity…

A while ago  I got this little thing that It gamifies anything you need to be productive with.


It’s this little time cube, and I found out about this from another blog I follow called The Skinny Confidential, and all you do is you decide how much time you want to spend, 5, 15, 60 minutes, 30.


And then you just flip it up. I just have to focus on whatever it is until this is finished. Kind of like roll it like a dice to decide how long you’re gonna spend on it.


And then suddenly productivity becomes a game, and when you are playing a game, you are having fun. It gives you a challenge. It gives you a little bit of pressure, but what’s great about it is that it’s the pressure without the stress, and the less than, and the never enough mentality. You can be more productive, get more done, create more cool amazing things, and make more money as a result.


If that’s what you want to do, I actually have a free guide below.


It is How to Start Your Hot Rich Online Business. It is a mini ebook that I wrote, detailing everything that I did to launch my Hot Rich online business. So check that out below.


In the meantime, you can get some more stuff done, and if you apply this toward your workout, you can also get a perkier butt.


Remember you can do anything for just a little bit longer.


So just know that you have that focus, that motivation, and that strength within you.


I’m wishing you love, and light, and bite sized bitchiness.


sofie von marricks