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Hot Rich Biz Bootcamp

Your fast track to launching an online business that you love

Hot Rich Biz Bootcamp is a 12 module group program delivered over 4 months to help you launch an online business that is stylish, successful and serves a higher purpose. We’ll cover everything from selling to your soulmate clients, building a beautiful brand, packaging up your passions, pricing them and putting them out into the world.

This is about no longer waiting to be chosen, waiting to win the lottery, waiting to be saved by prince charming. It’s about choosing to be the hot rich bitch that you are meant to be, with the online business you’ve been dreaming of.

I know many of us creatives get caught up in the actual FOLLOW THROUGH, so I’ve created a container of time, knowledge, guidance and support so that you actually get it done. Hot Rich Biz Bootcamp will change your life, change your career, and how POWERFUL you see yourself.

Let’s go!

Why Start An Online Biz?

Because You Get To Choose All of THIS:

Where You Work

Do you dream of ditching your cubicle for somewhere a little more “you”?

Maybe you want to travel the world with your laptop, move to Bali or Paris, or just set up a really gorgeous Home Headquarters decorated just the way you like it.

How Much $$$ You Make

Are you done waiting for some magical raise or job opportunity? 

Get it together with your money, when you want more, create something to sell, pay your bills, buy the bag, and put it in the bank without stress and drama. Change your money story for GOOD.

When You Work

Wouldn’t it be nice to work whenever you damn well feel like it?

Take weekday vacays just because, have leisurely lunches with girlfriends whenever start work at 11 AM (or PM!) or do  12 hour work weeks and love your life the rest of the time? You get to decide!

What You Do 

Have you ever wanted to do LESS things you don’t care about, and more that you DO?

You get to create a career, a brand and business based on you! Take your talents, experience, and gifts and make a biz doing everything that you LOVE. Make a difference, make money and have FUN.

The “Brand” You Live

Do you look around at your current life and think, this isn’t really me?

Every woman has her own unique Hot Rich Bitch brand inside of her. You might feel super frustrated because your life is really OFF-brand at the moment. Starting an online biz is the perfect way to get ON-brand.

Your dream over their’s

Do you want to go to bed at night feeling insanely proud of what you’ve created?

There is NOTHING like seeing your dreams come to life before your very eyes, making your own money, leading a movement, creating a tribe, and seeing what was once a daydream become real. You will finally know your PURPOSE.

Here’s What You Can Expect

Be Proud Of

What You Do

Tap into your natural skills, passions and talents and package them up to finally make a business out of them.

Makeover Your

Money Situation

Tap into your natural skills, passions and talents and package them up to finally make a business out of them.

Work Anywhere

With Wifi

Tap into your natural skills, passions and talents and package them up to finally make a business out of them.

Become A

Beautiful Brand

Tap into your natural skills, passions and talents and package them up to finally make a business out of them.

Give Your Passions

A Purpose

Tap into your natural skills, passions and talents and package them up to finally make a business out of them.

Make The Difference You Are Meant For

Tap into your natural skills, passions and talents and package them up to finally make a business out of them.


For so many years I watched women online, youtube and instagram get paid to be themselves. To do what they love. And I just couldn’t quit seem to bridge the gap being trying and actually doing it for myself.


Well gorgeous, I freaking did it. And if I did, you can too.


In 2014 I quit my corporate job without a plan. I knew I wanted to be an online entrepreneur, and it was my TIME. I was also SUPER scared. What if it didn’t work out? What if the one thing I always wanted to do failed? And better yet…how would I actually turn my semi-vague idea into an actual business? I ended up starting and stopping a few times. Let’s just say it wasn’t an overnight success.


In May of 2015 I decided it was time to get it together and make it happen. By June my website was up (just as I got married in Paris) and I got my first clients a couple weeks after. After that, my entire life changed. I followed a specific formula and ended up making more money, having more fun “working” than ever and was finally living the life I always dreamt of from my cubicle.


I transformed what I thought I was capable of, I totally changed my relationship with money, I saw how powerful I really was AND created something I was insanely proud to show off.

While I’ve been working with clients one on one to build their online businesses, I wanted to make this work available to as many women as possible. I want this to be the year you finally make it happen.


It just mean making a decision. In 2014, I decided from my cubicle that was going to live as that woman I saw on the other end of the computer screen. And as a result I have become her. So the question is, who are you going to decide to be today?


What could your life look like in just a few months?

Imagine living this life…


+ being able to work from literally anywhere. Poolside at a villa in, at a chic cafe in Paris, or in your own home headquarters?

+ “choosing yourself” next time you want a raise

+ “lean in” on your own terms in a career that you are crazy in love with

+ taking vacations whenever the heck you feel like it and not have to stay in budget hotels and needing to stretch your “vacation days” out.

+ creating your OWN dream instead working 40+ hours a week on someone else’s

+ working in your kimono, eating stuffed dates and drinking Rose in the middle of the day if that’s what you want (aka what I like to do on a typical Wednesday afternoon=)

+ geting paid to do all what you love, doing it damn well, and having a business that you are PROUD to show off?

+ having an international network of like-minded-girlbosses that”get it” – and even meeting up and masaterminding with them all of over the globe

+ having someone who’s already been there show you STEP BY STEP without holding ANYTHING back and answering all your questions, big AND small along the way #MentorOnDemand



“Her eye for branding is spot-on and to be that good at building a brand naturally is truly rare.

The Hot Rich Love Your Life Bitch brand is going to expand into an empire – mark my words!

Hire her while you still can!”

Emily Williams, Leading Success Coach and Founder of I Heart My Life


Here’s What’s Included

Weekly  Coaching Calls

  • Weekly live calls with Sofie to educate, keep you on track and mastermind your business.
  • Learn from eachother through group discussion, support and Q&A.

Private Facebook Group

  • a safe and private place to connect with your Hot Rich Biz Sisters from all over the world!
  • Get instant feedback and support from women on the SAME journey as you.
  • Shift the “5 people you surround yourself most with” to a group of high-vibe, motivated and powerful women that you can chat with any time online.

12 Hot Rich Modules

  • Detailed workbooks that will walk you through the step by step process of making over your money situation, your self-worth, and of course starting your business from bottom to top.
  • Audio + video trainings with each module, on everything from how to edit your instagram photos to creating your first Facebook ad.

VIP Resource Library

  • A behind the scenes look into all the systems, thought processes and resources I use to run my own Hot Rich Empire
  • An orientation pack that will get your life into Hot Rich ORDER before we even start the program.

Weekly Office Hours

  • Every Thursday I’ll be live in the Facebook to answer your pressing questions (this is in addition to the weekly calls!)

For VIP Track: Live Event

  • For those who choose the VIP track: At the end of November 2017, join us for a day of transformational group coaching, Hot Rich Bitch style!
  • A full day of luxurious life and biz masterminding with me and some special guests!
  • The chance to connect with the incredible women you’ll have gotten to know over the last 4 months and celebrate your successes!

I’ve started booking work before I even launched my website

“I feel more powerful and affluent than ever before! I  learned so much and have even started booking work before I even launched my new offering or website. Today, I’m working with clients that are my perfect match and I up-levelled my prices in my existing business as well. This enabled me to have the biggest earning summer I’ve ever had. I’m no longer worrying about money because I know how to bring it in. Sofie helped me on a deeper level too, I honestly feel like I am able to trust my myself and my choices, and my vision is clear.”

Katie Julia, Photographer + Branding Mentor, United Kingdom

I Left my 9 to 5 Three Months Early

“I was able to leave my 9 to 5 three months earlier than planned and sign my first client which resulted in me making my monthly income in just one day. She helped me create a brand that was a true reflection of myself, become so freaking crystal clear on my ideal client and who I was put on this earth to serve and overcome my fears that had been holding me back for years.”

Michelle Knight, Branding + Business Coach, St. Louis, USA

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Over the course of this program you will go through an extensive amount of course material, tutorials, resources and personal transformation. Whether you are just started out, or you have been in the game for a while, you will have a focused, intentional and purposeful game plan for a truly successful online business. 

This program is an investment in your business, your life, and your success. We wanted to give you an overview of everything that we will be covering – we take your success seriously!


Whether you are finally discovering your elusive life’s purpose or dealing in on your life-long passion plan, by the end of this module you’ll know yourself at a deeper level and have a clear idea on how to get paid to be YOU. You’ll also know how to make your biz idea competition proof, and how to make your biz stand out in even the most saturated of markets.


OK girlfriend, it’s time to really get your shit together with money. You’re going to learn how to have a legendary love story with money in this module. Not only that, you’ll become crazy confident in what you offer so that you can attract incredible clients with a cool-girl ease.


Rule number one: only work with clients that feel like soulmates. In this module you’ll learn how to attract clients that feel like soul-sisters delivered straight from the Universe instead of sketchy Tinder matches. We’ll going to use my fun technique to create a crystal clear client profile and how to creating niche offers especially fit for them.


In this module we’re going to package up your passions and put an official price on them. You’ll learn how to create offers that your clients are absolutely begging to work with you, instead of it being the other way around. I’ll teach you my 30 minute launch formula and you’ll find out my formula for sales pages that SLAY.


It’s all about the BRAND VIBEZ. A brand is the different between store brand and billion dollar cult followings, what will your’s be like? In this module, you’ll get the behind the scenes process I used to build a brand that has people buying. You’ll create a brand that gives you a better lifestyle, will be lusted after by your clients, and get the lowdown on the exact photos to have in each area of your website.


In this module, we’ll be getting your business up live and ONLINE. We’re taking the shortcut to getting your website up in a weekend, and I’m going to show you how to create a GORGEOUS website for nearly nothing, how to write killer copy and turn your website in to a money making machine on every page. You will feel SO accomplished after this module.


In this module, we create a marketing strategy that you’ll set up once and it will do the work for you. You’ll learn how to provide value, connect with the woman on the other end of the computer screen, establish yourself as an expert all without lifting a finger after you set it up! You’ll also get the exact strategy I used to have my first 5-figure month and keep the momentum going.


In this module will answer the question EVERYONE has “how do I know what to write?” I’m going to teach you the exact techniques that I use (including some great daily habits that give me ENDLESS topics) so that you can write shit that matters to your audience, and using my formula that will have people slapping down their credit cards to work with you (in a totally non sleazy WAY).


It’s time to turn everything you’ve ever thought about SALES on it’s pretty little head. In this module I’m going to share exactly how I sell: from the heart and without giving AF. Sounds fluffy, but it’s psychological science (I SWEAR!). By the end of this module you’ll be feeling UBER-confident, connected and ready to play the game as a female mogul that is slaying it.


When it’s all said and done the real stuff starts, new things come up at every level of success. And by “things” I mean  bullshit stories in your head that lead to self-sabotage.We all have different blocks to success, it might be overwhelm, money fears, confidence, comparison, etc…In this module you’ll learn my way done and dusted way of dealing with success sabotage at every single level of your success.


I’m giving you the MANUAL to make your biz run seamlessly now that it’s up and running. In this module, you’re going to get ALL the things installed and ready to go that are going to make running your biz SO much easier. You’re also going to get my step by step guide to hire your first assistant (you’re running an empire now) to do any and all shit that you hate and we’re going to design your new ideal schedule as an entrepreneur so that you can actually LIVE your hot rich life.


In the last module, you’ll map out your plan for world domination. Now that you’ve got your first biz up, we’re going to bring in your first clients and talk about how to set up your biz to SCALE so that you can make more money with less time. This is just the beginning! We’ll have an online champagne party to celebrate.

I’ve stepped into the fierce woman I’ve always dreamed of being

“Sofie has helped me turn my life, potential and business around massively. I used to lack the confidence to embrace who I was. Since working with her I’ve created a brand I’m obsessed with and made over $10K, but most importantly I’ve stepped into the fierce woman I’ve always dreamed of being. No amount of money can replace being a mother who leads by example and having the most loving relationships with my family and friends. Im forever grateful for how my life has changed.”

Tricia Nguyen, Marketing + Success Coach, Calgary

She turned her 9 to 5 skills into her own successful business!

“Working with Sofie was the best decision I could’ve made for myself. I knew I was meant for so much more, and Sofie showed me the exact steps to create a business and lifestyle I am truly proud of. From clarity in my mindset to creating a clear vision and developing deeper connections in my relationship, Sofie truly guided me to be my best self.”

Melissa Simpson, Sales + Business Coach, Calgary (soon to be Europe!)


Bonus Level  1



12 Modules // 12 Group Calls // Private Facebook Group

3 Week Orientation Course which will prep you for total success during the Bootcamp

30 Minute 1 on 1 Personalized Marketing Makeover ($450 value)

Access to my 6 Module Hot Rich Money Makeover Course ($299 value)


Bonus Level 2



12 Modules // 12 Group Calls // Private Facebook Group

4 Week Orientation Course which will prep you for total success during the Bootcamp

Access to my 6 Module Hot Rich Money Makeover Course ($299 value)


Bonus Level 3



12 Modules // 12 Group Calls // Private Facebook Group

Insant Access to the 4 Week Orientation Course which will prep you for total success during the Bootcamp



Please note there are a limited amount of spots available for the VIP option.

This is your chance to really live it up as the Hot Rich Babe that you are for an additional $1197 (installment options available) and get the following:

One On One Calls

2 x 45 minute one on one calls (a $2000 value!) with Sofie to break through any lingering blocks, brainstorm your brand and get private q’s answered.

TWO Extra Trainings

2 x Additional Group calls where we will GO DEEP on making money as a female entrepreneur and another one that will focus on non-sleazy, uber-chic sales techniques to perfect when you’ve got your biz up and running.


Join me for a full day of training at an ultra-luxe location in LA in a VERY HOT and VERY RICH location. You’ll meet the rest of the women in your Hot Rich VIP Girl Gang and make solid plans to take everything you’ve learned to the NEXT LEVEL.

I’m personally inviting the all the Hot Rich Biz Bootcamp VIPs to join me for a live training + mastermind and graduation event LIVE and in-person to cap off this program!

It will be held in ultra glam LA (Beverly Hills) at an ultra luxurious location (exact place TBA – rest assured it will be VERY HOT and VERY RICH). This will be a transformational all-day event to connect with your Hot Rich VIP Sisters that you will not want to miss.

The graduation event is included in the program price. The hotel costs and flights are not. The event will take place in the last week of November, exact date TBA. 







I relaunched my entire online presence in about a month

“During a retreat with Sofie in Bali, I finally gained the confidence to step out of my way, and I successfully launched my first ever group program and signed up some really amazing women! Sofie is a very spiritual and intuitive woman, and an amazing resource, which helped me increase my confidence, uplevel my lifestyle, and raise my sales in just a few months!”

Martina Fink, Holistic Health & Beauty Coach, Zurich Switzerland

Working with Sofie has literally changed my life.

“I initially hired her to help me with my biz brand but the end result was SO much more. I was hiding from who I wanted to be and it was affecting all areas of my life, not just my business. After working 1:1 AND going to Bali on a retreat co-hosted by her, I can confidently say that I am no longer hiding! Sofie helped me step into my power and OWN my life. The support and encouragement she gave me has been beyond anything I could have hoped for. Words really can’t express how grateful I am to have worked with Sofie”

Dee Reid, Rebellious Success Coach, Qatar/Denmark/Wherever there’s WIFI


When does the bootcamp officially start and end?

The course officially starts on Tuesday August 8th with our first call and the official “end date” is Tuesday November 21st.

However, the sooner you get into the course the better because there is a TON of stuff to get started with on the member site. You’ll be detoxing and decluttering every area of your life, and if you get in the first 2 weeks you get my Hot Rich Money Makeover Course for free! You’ll also have time to connect with the other ladies in the course. Don’t wait!

I'm not sure what I want my business to be yet...is this course right for me?

Totally! When I started this exact process with my online business, I ALSO wasn’t sure what I wanted it to be. That said, within 2 months I was up and running and had paying clients. The course is going to take you through the process of finding the best way to be in business for the lifestyle that you desire. Even if you currently HAVE a business idea, it may evolve as you become aware of all the possibilities for growth during the course.

Is this course only for coaches?

Not at all! I’ve taught women from MANY industries how to market themselves and build an online business (social media experts, designers, virtual assistants etc.). This program is best geared towards servicebased businesses as opposed to product-based.

I'm getting married/going to school/moving/etc. What if I can't get my work done on time?

Here’s the thing…life is always going to be happening. If you keep waiting until the perfect time…you’ll wait forever. I began this process without any savings, while planning 3 weddings (long story) and I launched my business right before I left to get married in Paris. Also there is one “implementation” week every month to catch up on missed work!

I really want to do this but I just don't know about the price! Will it be worth it?

First of all I want you to know if you feel this way, I completely get it. I was in the exact same position as you just a few years ago. I’ve designed this program with that in mind and I’ll be completely honest with you: it’s worth every penny! You’re going to learn skills in this program that you can apply to ANY online business, and even add value to your current 9-5 job (if you have one). I’m giving you the the road map to start a business you love. How you use this information is up to you, and I’ve used it to quit my job, create multiple streams of income and create a #hotrich life that I helped many other women do the same.

Can I pay in instalments?

Totally! You can pay in 4 monthly instalments. The earlier you sign up, the better the deal you get as well.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we don’t. In order for you to reap the rewards of this program you have to be all in, and having an easy way out would not serve you in any way. Consider this another little bitch slap to be your best self. To be honest, you’re going to love surrounding yourself with all the like minded boss-bitches and you aren’t going to want to go anywhere.

How can I make the most out of this program?

Participate, be open and be ready to go deep. I’d recommend signing up as early as you can so that you can go through the orientation workbook which will really declutter your life, and get you in a #HotRich mindset right at the start. There will be best practices and all my tips to make the most out of the next 4 months.

What additional investments will I need to make in my business in order to launch?

I did everything myself at the start. I even took my own photos. What is important is that I will always give DIY options and we can ALWAYS work with whereever you are at this time. The main things I did at the start were get website hosting (I’ll show you how to do this for a very small monthly cost), having a professional photoshoot, and I did start investing in Facebook Ads around Month 2, I also invested in a Facebook Ad professional to have an hour of her time to explain things to me. What’s important to know is that starting a business will cost likely much less than you think and you can add things as you go. Wherever you are at this moment, we can get you going.

I started making my first sales and it hasn’t stopped!

“I came to Sofie when I only had an idea of what my business looked like & she intuitively knew the steps & direction for me to take in my business to start making my first sales which hasn’t stopped! Her support helped me expand what I was offering in my business to something bigger that I hadn’t even thought of! Since having Sofie’s help, I’ve worked with 7 clients within the first month & have 5 more clients booked for this month! I’m now living the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of which is traveling somewhere different each month, taking yoga classes at my local studio, & drinking daily green juice. Sofie is your intuitive expert when it comes to starting your own dream business & lifestyle! “

Annie Mand, A Mystical Life, Energy Coach, San Jose, CA.