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How To Not Be Afraid Of Failure

Today we’re going to talk about how to not be afraid of failure, because wouldn’t that be nice?


I’ve done my very darnedest to adopt the mindset that a setback is always a setup for something greater.


I didn’t start my business until I was about 28 years old.


However, I did have the idea to have a website called Hot Rich Love Your Life Bitch for seven years prior. I just knew it was going to be something big, but I just couldn’t really bring myself to do anything about it.


In the meantime, I started and stopped all kinds of different blogs, different businesses, I was registering things left, right, and center, and having to cancel them after.


Looking back, I was essentially paralyzed, and it was really because I was just afraid of failing.


I was so scared to take the next step, and I was scared that it wouldn’t work out, because at that point I really didn’t think I had any more cats to let out of the bag.



What I’m trying to say is that…I didn’t know if I had any more tricks up my sleeve


Putting off that dream actually had some really unexpected negative effects on my life. I started to become really depressed. I wasn’t proud of myself. I was not being a nice person. I was drinking a lot. It was affecting my friendships, it was affecting my relationships, my anxiety, my sleep. I didn’t have any hobbies or any joy or any passion in my life.


So I got to this place of rock bottom, and I actually think that rock bottom is a really great place to be, because when you are there you start to become open to trying different things, because your way is not working.


I happened to come across Joel Osteen on TV. I think the sermon is called “Dark Places”. He was talking about how in order for a seed to become a flower it needs to be planted in the wet, dark dirt.


And that’s  where I felt I was in that moment. However, I knew that in time, I would actually be able to bloom into something really beautiful if I just went inward.


Deep down I knew what I was wanting to do, but I just couldn’t see it as possible. I was letting all of my old failures, and all of the mistakes I had made cloud my vision.


I actually realized that each so-called failure was really just training for where I was in that moment and where I am right now. And because I stopped being afraid of failure, because I conditioned myself to fail so many times, and I conditioned myself to no longer see failures as real, they were just setbacks for setups, they were prepping me for something greater, I then had the confidence to just move forward.


I knew it doesn’t matter.


There’s no such thing as a failure.


If I try this and it fails, it’s going to lead me to the next step.


You might have something in front of you that is scaring you, or you might have a next step that you need to make that you’re not quite sure if you can handle. You just need to look back at whatever you see as failures, and even if it was someone else’s failure or your own, how can you see each of those failures as setting you up for this very moment?


You might be reading this and just know that you are meant for something big in 2018, whether it’s launching your own blog, a brand, or a business, I would absolutely love to have you join me in Hot Rich Biz Bootcamp.


You can sign up below and get on the waiting list to be the first to get all of the details, and I’m going to have an amazing bonus in there that you will not see anywhere else, so you’ll definitely want to get on that list.




With that, I will leave you here.


Go forward. There is no need to be scared.


And your whole life has been preparing you for this moment.


Wishing you guys love, and light, and bite-sized bitchiness, and I’ll talk to you soon.


sofie von marricks






How to Live A Seriously Hot Rich Lifestyle


Today, we’re gonna be talking about how to live a seriously hot rich lifestyle.


What is a hot rich lifestyle and why would a bitch want to live it?


Well, a hot rich lifestyle is basically where you go about your day and you do all of the things that make you feel hot and rich.


And you do that every day. And keep doing it. Then lather,  rinse, repeat.


When I decided that I wanted to live a hot rich lifestyle, I made a lot of conscious choices. You can do the same.


For instance, you wear clothes that makes you feel hot and rich, things that fit well and aren’t ragged and are nice materials that make me feel good.


It’s eating food that makes you feel hot and rich. They’re delicious, they’re healthy, it’s great quality, it fills me up with energy and vibrancy. The body is a temple, feed your body like it’s a hot rich temple.


It’s being in places that make you feel hot and rich, whether that’s your home, or the restaurants that you go to, or the coffee shop that you choose to go to. Don’t go the place with the low vibes that don’t make you feel hot and rich.


Having hobbies, and interests, relationships that make you feel abundant and love. What you’ll notice as I’m describing this, is it’s really just like living a well-balanced life.


There’s fun, there’s downtime, there’s work, there’s play. There’s all of the things.


What prevents so many of us from living a hot rich lifestyle FOR REAL, is getting fixated on one area and losing sight of all the others…


I’ve noticed for many young women (my younger self included) become so fixated on finding that partner. I personally became so fixated on it, and wrapped up my identity in it, that I started to lose sight of everything else.


Over time, I began to lose my identity. I lost friends, didn’t have hobbies, stressed about everything.


Another situation is that you might actually have all those things (hobbies, career, friends, etc), but you’re so fixated on what you don’t have that you take all the good things for granted and aren’t present with your life at all.


Listen, I get it. It’s like the one thing you don’t have, and it’s the one thing you want the most, and you don’t know how to get it. So you keep working at it.


When you’re so fixated on what you don’t have (even while you’re doing what you can to get it) you’re attracting from a place of lack. The way the law of attraction works is that you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.


SO, you end up attracting more or the “lack” feeling.


If you feel like you’re missing something in your life, such as feeling incomplete until you have that dream partner. You’re feeling incomplete, so you’re gonna attract someone who also isn’t feeling complete.


Then you likely met the wrong guy, yet again, and it all goes to shit. What you really need to do is just change what is going on with you. Complete YOURSELF.


This doesn’t apply to just relationships. This could be your health, this could be your career … And actually for me, my whole self-worth and identity were wrapped up in my success of my career, and I had no success in my career.


So you can imagine where my self-esteem was, I was really NOT feeling so hot.


What changed for me is when I decided to create a life where it didn’t matter if I never ever had success in my career.


So, create a life where you might never ever have that thing that you want so badly. Make the goal to be a hot, rich, well-rounded person.


Get some hobbies, get a trainer, go try a new restaurant, stay in touch with friends, create new relationships, have fun, create a life where it doesn’t matter if you ever get that stuff, and you will be living a truly hot, rich, and incredible lifestyle no matter where you are in your life.


Once I started becoming more well rounded, I finally had the confidence to start on my passion project, which is Hot Rich Love Your Life Bitch, and now this passion project is my full-time job.


I couldn’t be any more grateful.  And the cool thing is if I can do it, trust me, so can you.


I’m actually gonna show you exactly how to do it in my upcoming course, Hot Rich Biz Bootcamp. So, if you want to be part of that, or are curious about it, definitely join the waiting list below to be the first to hear all about it.




Click here to get on the Hot Rich Biz Bootcamp Waitlist


Be a well-rounded bitch, and I will see you next time.


Wish you love, and light, bite-sized bitchiness.


sofie von marricks







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A Visualization to Attract More Money

Attract More Money


Today I wanted to talk to you about how to call more money into your life with a really fun visualization that I like to call “the swimming pool”.


I’ll explain more in a bit.


The reason I came up with this is because when you don’t have money and you’re wanting to manifest some, you’re probably coming from a place of needing that money.


It’s a bit of a desperate place. It’s not super sexy.


You’re probably focusing a lot on all the things that you can’t do and all the things that you can’t buy, and you’re frustrated because if you had the money that you want to have, you’d be able to do it, and it just kind of goes on a merry go round of “lack”.


What you need to do is get into a place where you feel like you have all of the cash that you’ve ever wanted. Once you truly feel it in every cell of your being, you will attract situations that bring it to you.


You have to feel that way before you can actually get it.


One way that I like to do this is through my Swimming Pool visualization, where I just literally imagine that I have this swimming pool of cold, hard cash in my backyard.


It’s gorgeous of course, and I’m able to dive in and take whatever I need, and then the swimming pool replenishes. It’s just kind of that Richie Rich fun visual of me swimming in a pool of money.


The cool thing is, it’s not just about having a pool of cash to swim around in.


It’s about, how would you feel if you had a swimming pool full of money? How would you think differently? How would you act? How would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with? What would you guys be doing?


I like to actually imagine myself, physically in that swimming pool, and it brings this total relief and calm to me.


Chances are, if you had a swimming pool of cash and you always knew that it was there and it was always replenishing, you probably actually wouldn’t think about money all too much. You don’t think about what life’s going to be like without it or how to get more. It is just always there supporting you.


Instead, you would spend a lot more time creating the things that you really, deeply want to contribute to the world, and not so much time trying to make money and buy shit that you don’t need.


I want you to imagine now, what would you be doing if there was a swimming pool of cash in your backyard? Would you even be thinking about money at all? What thoughts would you no longer have? What thoughts can you take away? What would you be creating?


You don’t wonder how you’re going to make something happen, because you know you can always take from this always replenishing swimming pool, which let’s be honest, would feel pretty f-ing abundant.


You would be super confident about what you could do in the world.


Think about all of these things, and then just stop worrying about the money, and go and do all this stuff. Start setting things in motion, and I promise you, this is exactly how the law of attraction works. Dive into your swimming pool of money or love or friends, or whatever it is that you’re feeling lack in your life, and you will connect to that so much faster.


I’m going to leave you there. I have an amazing guided visualization to live your hottest, richest life, and in it you actually meet the hot, rich version of you. That will definitely help you with your swimming pool visions.


I hope you have a great week. I’m sending you lots of love and light and bite-size bitchiness.


Comment below:  if you had a swimming pool of cash, what would you be creating?


sofie von marricks