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Are You Not Meant To Be Rich?

meant to be rich


Have you ever had the fleeting  thought that “maybe you’re just not meant to be rich?”


Maybe you’ve started and stopped so many times. Or have failed businesses, and many attempts at trying to “make it”..


And maybe because it hasn’t happened yet…it never will.


If you have a desire to live a rich, abundant life then it is meant for you.


You are meant to live a life where you feel fulfilled and your desires and actualized. Let’s just get that out there.


The other thing is that this thought, “I’m just not meant to be rich,” this is just a version of a story that so many women tell themselves.


“I’m not meant to be rich because of what I see rich people do, or what I think it takes to be rich, or what I think is going to happen when I become rich.”


You might have a fear that when you become rich that people are going to attack you on the blogs (or facebook!), your cousin will ask you to cosign a car lease, and friends will expect you to pick up the tab at dinner. Etc etc etc.


And all that stresses you out, therefore you decide I’m just not meant to be rich.


Money and being rich just makes you more of what you already are, so just check in with yourself.



Someone else’s story does not have to be your own.


Number one, leave this story behind.


Take all of those memories, and lessons, and everything that scares you about being rich, and make a list.


Write down every negative thought you have about what it takes to be rich, about money mistakes that you’ve made.


For example, Maybe you’ve come into a bunch of money or made some huge money mistakes before and you’re thinking


“Oh my god, I’m so ashamed of this. Every time I get money I just mess it up. I guess I’m just not meant to have it.”


Decide that this is not my story anymore, I’m making a new one.


That brings us to step two. Start telling yourself a new story.


Look to women who are doing beautiful things in the world, who you admire, who are successful and have the kind of life that you want to have.


Read autobiographies of successful women who are really giving back to the world. People like Audrey Hepburn, Diane Von Furstenberg. Oprah, for instance.


Everyone started somewhere and you might be really surprised in how much of yourself that you see in them.


When that happens, success becomes normalized for you.


Someone from your hometown, your background, your experience, your lack of experience can become wildly rich and HAPPY. Whatever it is, start telling yourself a new story about what it takes to be successful and what happens when you become successful.


Use your imagination


Close your eyes and picture this: you’re  delivered a big, fat, Louis Vuitton duffle bag full of cash…$10 million+, what would you do with it? Who would you be?


You are already that person so put yourself in that place.


Go, “Hey, this is actually what would happen if I did that, so it’s not actually that scary and I can actually see it as possible for me.” This is the whole thing around visualization. When you visualize your success it makes it that much more real for you, it makes you feel good, and then you go out into the world and you attract situations that will bring that visualization to life.


The last thing I would do is take baby steps towards that visualization.


For example, something that you might do if you got $10 million in cash is you would hire a financial adviser to help you save and invest it in a really smart way.


Well, guess what? You don’t need to wait for all that cash. That’s something that you can do right now.


Financial advisers aren’t just for multi-millionaires so just find one that can suit your needs. You can do that by searching on Google, you can do that by asking friends for recommendations. Just take the step and do it now.


I started investing when I was literally still paycheck to paycheck. I wanted to start somewhere and I think I started investing like $50 from each paycheck. Over the years I’ve really built up a really nice healthy savings, so that’s just one example of what you can do to get in the direction of becoming more rich because you are meant to be rich.


I actually have a really great exercise below where you can play around in this visualization and see the kind of woman that you are when you are rich.


It’s called the Hot Rich Life Visualization.


You’ll meet the hottest, richest version of you and you’ll figure out how she spends her money, what she does, and how she figured out that she was meant to be rich.


I’m wishing you love, and light, bite-sized bitchiness, and I’ll see you next week.


sofie von marricks