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Sofie Von Marricks is a leading life and business coach for female entrepreneurs meant to live hot, rich, beautiful and bitchy lives.

I’m a certified life + business coach, branding expert, spiritual influencer, content creator and founder of Hot Rich Love Your Life Bitch. 


I work with extraordinary female entrepreneurs to transform their lives, have digital programs to empower women to build online businesses, lead retreats for international female moguls, co-host a podcast, and host a weekly LOVE YOUR LIFE BITCH VLOG on Youtube.


I do all of this because I believe in the universal power of women.


I have never met a woman that isn’t truly powerful and I LIVE to help women realize what they are capable of. If you’re reading this…you are capable of SO much more than you even realize.

I run HRLYLB from the gorgeous #HotRichHQ (my at home, water-view office!) in Vancouver, BC where I live with my Husband and Dog.


I got into this business because I believe you can have it all: a vibrant hot body, a connected love life, fab friendships, flowing bank account, rich experiences, bitchy confidence and a love you unapologetically love.


It actually really makes supremely mad when I see women accepting anything less than that.


No matter where you are, you can get from the woman you are to the woman you are meant to be. Deep inside you are hot, rich and it’s time to love your life (bitch).

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