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Start Living As Your Most Hot Rich + Powerful Self TODAY

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Hi! I’m Sofie Von Marricks,

And I run this bitch

Two years ago I was clenching my jaw underneath the fluorescent lights of my cubicle, knowing I was not where I was meant to be. I wasn’t making a difference (or the kind of money I desired). Deep down, I just wanted to have a career that was totally ME. So one day, I quit without a plan.

Today I get to work with women just like you. I can help you monetize your life, create an online career that is totally YOU, and have you living a hot, rich and bitchy life while doing it.

I spend my days at Hot Rich Headquarters (aka my home office) creating programs, online courses, ebooks, working one on one with clients, writing, filming videos, and networking with fab international girl bosses…

If I can create a business out of THAT, imagine what’s possible for you!

Client Love

What they say


“Her eye for branding is spot-on and to be that good at building a brand naturally is truly rare. The Hot Rich Love Your Life Bitch brand is going to expand into an empire – mark my words! Hire her while you still can!”

– Emily Williams

Leading Success Coach + Founder of I Heart My Life


"I feel more empowered, affluent, fulfilled than ever before!"

I have learnt so much and even started booking work before launching my new website. Not only is she an incredible coach...and feels like your best friend. I couldn’t imagine not having her in my life now!

-Katie Julia

11-Emma Jean

"My inner hot, rich bitch has emerged!"

Before working with Sofie I was spending hours trying to ‘figure stuff out’. Sofie really supported me in drilling down on the essentials but also held a safe space for me to make the mind-set shifts to move forward with my goals.

-Emma Jean L.


"I've had a 360 change in the last 2 months"

You'll never realize how much of an impact you've made in my life and how it's affected the ones I love around me. I can actually say there are way more HOT areas of my life from when we started!

-Tricia N.

9-michelle K

"Left My 9 to 5 Three Months Early!"

"I left my 9 to 5 three months earlier than planned and sign my first client (making my monthly income in just one day). If you want to breakdown the blocks holding you back mentally (like really break them down once" and create an amazing business that is true to you, then Sofie is your main b*itch!"

-Michelle K.

8-cait wood

"My vision turned into a business!"

"Sofie's methods gave me the confidence and guidance to find my true passion and purpose, plus tools to turn it into a successful business. She really gave me the focus and direction I was lacking. Sofie has been an Angel, an inspiring mentor and absolutely outstanding business coach!"

-Caitlin W.

7-elle leary

"My followers have grown by 2k"

I can't begin to describe what my time with Sofie meant to me. She was so kind, motivating and got my head in the right space everyday. My followers have grown by 2k in just a month due to her kick butt branding skills. I also finally found the right direction for my business and that is measurable to me.

-Elle Leary


"I've been working with Sofie and I owe her the world."

She has helped me continually move forward. On the cusp of launching my new offer and website I'm filled with excitement and nerves. I am CHOOSING to live a BIG LIFE.



"After working with you, my brand is "simply" perfect"

I struggled with my brand for a long time, going back and forth on what I wanted it to be. Working with you helped me get clear not only on my brand, but my goals for myself and business.

-Kate K.


"Sofie has transformed my life."

I saw results the second Sofie helped me to stop looking for validation from others and it's changed my relationship and my career. There is really no limit with Sofie by your side as your teacher, confidant and coach.



"Just had a $5600 week! I'm already at $10,500 for the month!"

Plus I have 8 discovery calls booked next week. Shit's gettin' real! You had to be one of the first people I told! THANK YOU SO EFFING MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU TAUGHT ME!

-Amber-Lee S.


"Do yourself a favour and reach out to Sofie!"

Immediately get things done, make changes and feel supported! She helped me focus on my money story and specific tactics to avoid projecting those onto my clients."

-Jess E.


"Best decision I've made!."

I've done lots of group courses and online freebies, there's nothing like having that 1:1 support to accelerate your success. I've achieved so much in my business since working with Sofie, she's a rock star coach!

-Iona Y.

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